Top-rated Sports betting gambling sites in Malaysia

One of the premier tourist destinations in Asia, Malaysia, boasts exotic wildlife, clear ocean waters, beaches, the Batu Caves, highlands, and of course, the bustling Kuala Lumpur city. Those interested in touring Malaysia may also wonder if sports betting online is a popular pastime in the country. Despite its official stance against online sports betting, Malaysia has a rich betting community.

The activity is as popular here as in other countries where it is legal. That's because Malaysians are reluctant to let go of opportunities that the best bookmakers in the country present as far as betting on their favorite sports is concerned.

Top-rated Sports betting gambling sites in Malaysia
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Best Online Bookmakers in Malaysia

Best Online Bookmakers in Malaysia

The reason why so many Malaysian bettors turn to betting online is due to the lack of options in the legal market. Much of the country is subject to strict Islamic law, which prohibits all forms of gambling. But the government of Malaysia does not actively prevent the citizens from accessing hundreds of online bookies that support Malay odds.

As a result, Malaysians can place a wide variety of bets at these sites including moneyline bets, straight bets, head-to-head bets, teasers, parlays, and many more. Thus, finding an online bookmaker that accepts Malaysians is very easy.

Best Online Bookmakers in Malaysia
Malaysian Players' Favorite Sports to bet on

Malaysian Players' Favorite Sports to bet on

The best bookmakers in Malaysia allow punters to bet on some of the most popular sports under the sun. Taking the number one spot is football, followed by the likes of rugby, cricket, horse racing, basketball, tennis, and golf.


Football has a lot to admire. From hugely talented players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi to highly competitive leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and the Uefa Champions League, Malay players have plenty of football matches to bet on. But there are local football leagues in Malaysia too.

Horse Racing

The best online bookmakers in Malaysia offer punters the opportunity to try their luck at horse racing. As mentioned before, this sport was introduced in the country by the Britons and has never looked back since then. Besides betting on horse racing, Malays also enjoy watching horse racing events.


Rugby is yet another favorite sport for Malaysian bettors, and there are many international sites taking bets on this sport. Malaysia is also home to various rugby tournaments, including Malaysia Rugby Premier League. The Malaysian Rugby Union features at least 300 clubs, further highlighting how popular the sport is in the country.


Cricket has remained the DNA of the Malaysian people since the time of British colonial rule. With the punters having the chance to bet on both local and international cricket tournaments, including the International T20 games, there is no doubt that this sport is a favorite for many bettors in Malaysia.


Whether it is the country's own NBL league or an ASEAN league, Malaysian punters have access to lots of basketball events to bet on.


Badminton is a popular choice among most bookmakers in Malaysia. The game is related to sepak takraw, another popular sports with deep roots in the country. Players can bet on international competitions, as well as local ones, including the Malaysia Open, launched in 1937.

Malaysian Players' Favorite Sports to bet on
Biggest Local Tournaments and Events

Biggest Local Tournaments and Events

Some of the biggest events to bet on in Malaysia include:

  • The Malaysia Super League (football)
  • Malaysia Premier League (football)
  • Malaysia FA Cup League (football)
  • The Malaysia Purple League (badminton)
  • Malaysia Rugby League Premier
  • Malaysia Rugby League Division 1
  • Malaysia Rugby League Division 2
  • The Malaysian Open (tennis)
  • The Kuala Lumpur Men Tennis League

Best Odds for Malaysian Players

Most bookmakers in Malaysia offer Malay odds, which are pretty simple to understand. In these odds, a 1 represents 50/50 odds, also known as even odds. There are both positive and negative odds. For instance, 0.7 means the likelihood of an event occurring is more than 50%. Negative odds, on the other hand, e.g., -0.7, mean an event is less likely to occur since this represents greater odds. Players win one unit of profit for every 0.7 stake.

Biggest Local Tournaments and Events
Payment Methods in Malaysia

Payment Methods in Malaysia

Typically, bettors in Malaysia have various ways to add money to their sportsbook accounts and withdraw winnings. Of course, each payment has pros and cons, with some Malaysians having some distinct preferences. Thanks to the nature of gambling laws in the country, it is almost impossible to find any local payment options.

As mentioned earlier, Malaysian banks are prohibited from supporting gambling-related transactions. Hence, credit/debit cards and bank transfers may be unheard of in the country. Here are the most common payment methods used by players in Malaysia.


E-wallets include Neteller, PayPal, ecoPayz, and Skrill. They are often one of the fastest ways for punters in Malaysia to load their betting accounts, and they come with plenty of privacy and security benefits. Malaysians can use e-wallets without sharing their personal information, meaning it is difficult for anyone to track their online transactions.


With cryptocurrencies, it is all about anonymity, which is important, especially when betting from a country such as Malaysia, where gambling is prohibited. Although no one seems to bother about gambling law breakers in the country, it is always good not to take a chance. Cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin are very popular among sports bookies in Malaysia.

Payment Methods in Malaysia
History of Betting in Malaysia

History of Betting in Malaysia

Betting in Malaysia is tightly intertwined with the country's history, including the religious beliefs and the influence of the colonial masters on the people of Malaysia. Yes, it appears that gambling was brought to Malaysian soil in the 19th century by Chinese Merchants. In 1800, the British introduced horse racing in Malaysia, leading to the establishment of various racecourses in the country, which are regulated by the Racing Act of 1961.

Besides being fun to watch, horse racing events in Malaysia also provided an opportunity for residents to bet. It should be remembered that Malaysia has also hosted a number of sports championships, including the 1998 Commonwealth Games. This is a demonstration of the fact that sports have always been part of the Malaysian culture.

In 1952, the Malaysian government passed the Lotteries Act, which paved the way for legal betting on lotteries. Consequently, there are at least half a dozen legal lotteries in Malaysia owned by private individuals. But that's not all, as there also exist several illegal lotteries in the country. In 2018, illegal lotteries in Malaysia generated about 60% more revenue than legal lotteries.

Establishment of the First Brick-and-Mortar Casino in Malaysia

Malaysia has only one physical casino establishment, which is owned by a private investor. The casino was established in the 1970s. It operates 24 hours a day, but only non-Muslims are allowed to enter its doors. Also, those playing in this casino must be of the legal gambling age (21 and above). The casino has at least 30 tables (including roulette, Tai sai, blackjack, boule, etc.) and a whopping 3000+ slot machines to choose from.

History of Betting in Malaysia
Betting Nowadays

Betting Nowadays

The status of online Malaysia betting is somewhat less clear-cut. That's because the Betting Act of 1953 does not make any specific references to internet gambling, and any relevant amendment is yet to be made. That means the online betting market is largely unregulated in the country.

That said, the Malaysian government does not issue licenses to online bookie operators who want to offer services in the country. Rather, it tries to discourage the citizens from accessing foreign-licensed sites by instructing the local banks to block gambling-related transactions.

Although access to international betting sites is prohibited, many of these sites accept players from Malaysia. Besides, there have been calls to legalize online betting in Malaysia, and the government does not actively track online bettors. Also, the country enjoys good internet coverage, meaning most citizens can easily access the best online betting sites they want.

Betting Nowadays
Future of Betting in Malaysia

Future of Betting in Malaysia

Well, it still remains to be seen what the future of online Malaysia betting will be like. The country's dual legal system (Secular and Sharia laws) makes it difficult to predict what will happen to online betting in the future.

While the Sharia faithful strongly believe that gambling is a sin, those bound by the secular law believe that legalizing gambling would, in fact, bring in huge tax revenues and minimize cases of match fixing. Hence, the future is still far from clear.

Popular Sports Betting Bonuses in Malaysia

Every sports bookie in Malaysia scrambles for customers. That's why there are always ongoing promotions and bonuses to pull players. Some premier offers include;

  • Welcome bonus (offered to new players who sign up and make a first deposit (some bookies don't require a deposit)
  • Cashback bonus (the refund that bettors receive on losing
  • Reload bonus (offered to loyal players to encourage them to continue placing bets
  • Free bets (risk-free wagers)
Future of Betting in Malaysia
Betting Acts in Malaysia

Betting Acts in Malaysia

The Betting Act of 1953

Having come into force on October 15, 1953, the Betting Act is one of the most important gambling laws in Malaysia, with its territorial extent covering the entire country. This law was passed to suppress all betting activities and establishments in public joints. It has undergone several amendments, with the last one coming in 2006.

Essentially, the Betting Act bans all forms of gambling. However, betting operators with a legal Malaysian gambling license are exempted. The law imposes a fine of RM200 000, and five-year imprisonment on anyone caught engaging in illegal gambling.

The Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953

This is perhaps the country's most comprehensive piece of legislation if the gambling types it covers are anything to go by. The law was last revised in 1983 and binds all games of chance and skill involving money. As per this law, no Malaysian is allowed to engage in these games, either as a punter or an operator.

Online Betting

Interestingly, no law in Malaysia covers sports betting online. As a result, some people interpret the situation to mean that there is no such thing as legal online betting in the country. And while there is a problem for operators who want to start an online gambling business in Malaysia, history shows that Malaysians have been accessing offshore sites without getting into trouble.

Nevertheless, punters at offshore sites are not out of the woods yet since these sites are not regulated and could shut down at any time, disappearing with the punters' money.

Betting Acts in Malaysia


Are there any legal sportsbooks in Malaysia?

No. While the Malaysian Betting Act of 1953 does not mention anything about online gambling, it is assumed that online betting is illegal in the country. However, Malay players can safely access offshore sites and wager on the sports they want. The government of Malaysia does not actively hunt bettors either.

How can one bet from Malaysia?

Punters have one simple option when it comes to how to bet in/from Malaysia. This involves accessing any one of the many offshore sites that accept Malaysian punters, signing up with them, making a deposit, and placing bets on games.

Are online sportsbooks safe for punters in Malaysia?

Yes, as long as the punters use fully licensed sites with a good reputation and excellent security measures.

What payment methods can Malaysian bettors use?

Some of the safest methods for Malay punters include e-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Is live betting possible in Malaysia?

Yes. Most betting sites in Malaysia offer live odds on a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, and basketball.

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